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This thread is an updated and edited compilation of mostly premade guides and tutorials from the original DayZRP Forums. All credits go to them and the Header for each section should link back to the original thread if you so wish to see it.

These guides and tips will help you get the most out of your time on DayZRP and reach your maximum potentional both on the Forums and In-Game. I hope you find these guides helpful and if you have any of your own recommendations post it on the DayZRP Wiki Thread and it will be reviewed and added if approved.

Your First Day?

This is Mavasaurs Guide to your first day on DayZRP. So it's your first day on the server, and you just want to play, right? Wrong!

Here are some useful tips that I wish I had when I started playing on this server a few months back.

Server Rules

Server Rules, read them, they will either make or break your time here on DayZRP. If you feel like you are breaking the rules, you probably are. Read them, and read them again. If you have questions, ask someone from the server team and we will sort you out.

DayZRP Chat and Communication

Becoming familiar with the community of may also become quite helpful, and I would have to say the easiest way to do this is via the websites chat room. "IRC" or a "Shoutbox" is available for use..

Arma 2 Beta Patch

Does your Arma 2 Beta need a patch? Look no further, I have you covered. The link in the green bar will always be the most up to date, just download and install. (Generally, DayZ Commander is a few patches behind when it comes to the beta patch, so manually patching this will always be helpful)


Launching the game from the Arma 2 launcher getting a bit tedious? Try our very own DayZRP Launcher, if all else you can try DayZ Commander or Six Launcher.

Recommended Launcher

Alternate Launchers

Framerate Issues

Are you having some framerate issues in the cruel world of DayZ? These useful links will show you some easy tips and tricks to increase your frames per second.

Clans and Groups

Tired of being robbed and killed? Take a look at the clans section. If there isn't one that interests you, you can always create your own.

Role playing

Feel like telling us about your characters background? This is a role play server after all! Role play section

Trouble Shooting

And, as always, if you're having trouble, just make a detailed thread here and I'm sure we will have someone that can offer you some assistance.

Reporting A Player

And finally, if you feel that someone has broken the rules, our long list of GameMasters, and Admins will be happy to help you in the reports section.


Credits for this guide go to Khardia. Stuck parts of the guide

Different parts of the forum

The Announcements is a section where you can hear about the latest DayZRP news.

The Informations section is where you can see everything about the server. The Server Version and Server password threads are probably the ones you're the most interested in.

The Joining/Leaving section is for newcomers or players that are leaving us. Not a lot to talk about.

The Guides and Tutorials section (the one you're in) is all about questions about a rule, guides of pretty much anything -CONCERNING DAYZ(RP)- and loads of informations.

The General Discussion section is about whatever you want, but concerning DayZ(RP). THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO POST ABOUT TROUBLESHOOTINGS TROUBLES/MAKE REPORTS.

The Clans and Groups section is where you can learn about all the different clans present on the server. If you're looking to join one, you can either directly apply to it (by sending the owner's a PM) or you can post your "C.V." there. This section is also the section where you can see the political aspect of DayZRP.

The Suggestions section is where you can.. well.. suggest. You can ask for pretty much everything you'd like to be added in the server (use it with common sense. We will never add tanks or any other such thing.)

The DayZRP mod Discussion is like the Suggestions section, but different. There, you can discuss bugs and troubles you've encountered using our mod.

The Chernarussian's Events section is all about events going on in Chernarus (RP1). You can make your own event, if you wish to, but prepare it and make sure that the event will be enjoyable for most of the server and not only for a small part of it.

The Roleplaying section is a place where you can share your backstories/diaries/journal/whatever concerning your character. it's not a place to RP between people, but a place to share infos about your character.

The Trading section is a place where you can trade with RP1 items. If you want to buy something or sell something but you can't go in trade post, it's the right place!

The Troubleshooting section is where you can ask for GUID/PID RESETS.

  • It's NOT a place where you can ask for a name change. To do so, please PM a senior staff member (GM/Admin/Server Owner) with the reason of your change.
  • You can change your name only once.

In this section, you can ask for help about your technical problems. Please, take a look at the previous threads before making a new one : your answer is probably there.

The Formal Reports section is where you can report a player for breaking the rules. This section has specific rules and anyone going there MUST read them all. To create a report, please read this thread.

WARNING : You CAN'T post in reports you aren't involved in. WARNING : You're strongly suggested to make a report discussion before making a formal report.

The Report Discussion section is a place where you can discuss about what happened in a situation (especially when you are unsure whether or not a rule was broken). Please, make one before creating a Formal report!

  • Everyone can post in this section of the forum;
  • Logs ARE NOT given in Report discussions.

The Ban Appeals is a place where you can post if you think you've been banned incorrectly.

You can't post in other people's ban appeals. Ban appeals are meant to be between GMs and the Original Poster.

The Media section is for sharing videos/channels/everything concerning the Internet. It isn't focused on DayZ.

The Off-Topic section is like the General Discussion, but not about DayZ stuff.

Link SteamID to Forum Account

Archers Guide allows you to linking your SteamID to your DayZRP Forum Account.

Doing this will show your steam account on your forum account so that others are able to see what you are up to such as playing a game, add you as a friend as well as other countless possibilities.



I can't find the rules passphrase?

We can't help you with that. You need to find it yourself. Here are all the tips that us, the DayZRP community, can give you:

  • Read the Rules section carefully.
  • Read the Rules more carefully.
  • Read them word by word.

Your application

We (the staff) suggest that you apply to the server like if you were applying to a job. Which means that you take your time, do your best to write in proper English and that you're serious about it. Take a look at this thread and don't make the mistakes listed there!

Give your application several days to be processed. It's usually processed in less than 5 days, but as stated in the Application page :

  • Whitelist Wrote:Your application will be handled by the admin team and processed within a few days.

"Few days" is is wide, so give it around 5 days. Either way, it'll be handled someday (Soon™).

Applications are closed?

The application follows a schedule. Stay updated with this thread to know when it opens again!


My application was denied?

If your application was denied, make sure to follow the guide listed above in order to avoid making the same mistakes. Make sure you have a good RP backstory.

What is a good backstory?

RP backstories can have different forms. You can talk as you were your character (1st person) or as if you were narrating his story (3rd person). You can either make the backstory look like a diary, a journal, a biography or the usual "I tell a story" form.

I suggest you go take a look at the Roleplaying section as you can find a lot of background and get some ideas (DO NOT COPY THEM: use them as models).

We encourage people to be original while making their backstory. (Telling us that you've oddly ended up on the coast because of a boat crash has been done. Re-done and done over and over.)

My application was accepted!

Congratulations! Now, you can go download the DayZRP mod and make sure you're up to date with the Server Version!

To know the ways to join the servers, click on the one you wish to join. RP1 (Chernarus)

Original Poster opinion: I suggest you use the DayZRP launcher. It's the easiest and quickest way to join our servers.

Your real account activation

Make sure to post at least 1 message on the forums so your account doesn't get deleted after some weeks. (Just making a "hello" thread in the Joining/Leaving section is enough) If your account was deleted, you WILL NEED TO re-subscribe AND make a new whitelist application. Your gear may have been lost also (if you're unlucky).

Now that you've REALLY activated your account, go work on your whitelist application in the Whitelist tab!

In-Game Content

Credits for this guide go to Khardia.

If you look at the maps:

  • We have added two barracks to the map. One is located in North-East Airfield and the other one is hidden somewhere. Will you be able to find it?
  • Random camps have been added around the map. They don't hide anything special, but are a fun place to rest.
  • New PCBs have been added. They follow the server's rules and do not have any exceptions.
  • The Trading post has been removed.

Communicating In-game

Communication in DayZ is really important. It's even more important in DayZRP as it's a RP server : we want people to talk to each other!

  • Voice chat (a.k.a microphone chat) has a maximum range of 80 meters. Your voice will be lower if you are behind walls or any other object. It'll also get lower and lower over the distance.
  • Example : Player X tries to talk to player Z from 70, which is in the hospital. Player Z won't hear correctly because of 1: Walls. 2: Distance. If Player X was closer (10 meters), player Z would hear him correctly.
  • Text chat (a.k.a written chat) has a maximum range of 40 meters and isn't affected by walls or any other object. It won't lower over the distance.

How do I install the mod?

Everything you need to know about "How to install the mod" (with Steam) can be found HERE. Follow the guide step by step and you'll get to it. Good luck!

Donation Exchange

How the donation exchange works

1. You need to use the donation page in order for the payment to be registered correctly in the database. Do not send direct PayPal transfers!

2. When your donation has been confirmed the amount donated will appear in the donation exhange and your forum rank will be set accordingly. You can now order the items you want. Items are not refundable - once you have ordered and used an item you cannot replace or refund it.

3. Once you've ordered your item it will appear in your inventory in the donation exchange. There you can see the item status and activation options.


VERY IMPORTANT: for the skin activation to work you need to be either disconnected from the server or in the server lobby! The correct procedure of activating a skin is the following: - Abort the game and go back to lobby (the screen with the list of all the players) - Go the the website and activate your skin - Enter the game and enjoy your skin

Skins are permanent - you can activate them as many times as you want. If you have more than 1 skin you can freely switch between them.


I am stuck? Now what?

Credits for this guide go to Khardia.

If you are ever stuck in DayZ, don't start panicking.

  • Go on the IRC (you'll need an IRC launcher to PM someone), try to see if a GM or an Admin is there and
  • -PM- them (don't spam IRC). Tell them your problem;
  • They will tell you to tell them your PID;
  • Your position will be reset. You will be on the beach at a random location (we CAN'T teleport you somewhere else);
  • WARNING: You may lose your backpack during the process.

Unsure of a Rule?

You can ask the staff in this thread here for clarification on anything you need to be able to play the game in confidence.

Staff will try to answer questions to reflect most agreed view on rule interpretation. But be aware - every case is unique. This thread may give guidelines but may not contain definite answers.

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